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"I hired Wendy to help me establish HR policies and procedures for my company. She immediately identified areas requiring attention and provided the resources such as up to date employment forms to keep me compliant." - S. G.

"Wendy was referred to my company to assist with employee relations. She helped me to understand and recognize situations requiring special attention - I will continue to rely on her for my HR needs." M. L.

"Wendy was a valued and knowledgeable confidant in dealing with the performance and interpersonal challenges that inevitably arise in a growing organization. I highly recommend her as an adviser and partner to anyone needing an HR practitioner and leader.” - B. J.

“It was my great pleasure to know and work with Wendy Duggan. I worked with Wendy exclusively through employment contract negotiations, sought her advice throughout employee relations matters and found her to be a trusted advisor with the highest degree of integrity."

- D. O.

"Wendy showed great understanding of concerns about work/family balance and tried her best to accommodate my and other employee's needs without impacting the company's overall performance. This won the trust and high regard of all employees at Company.” - G. O.

"Wendy single handedly managed the company’s talent acquisitions, including my hire. Wendy was an excellent salary negotiator during my interview process and she clearly understood what it took to have a successful outcome. I worked with a highly talented team of engineers recruited by Wendy. Wendy had a talent for connecting with people by making them feel at ease in speaking with her.” - W. C.

HR Advice. HR Solution.

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